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Oct 27, 2011

GeForce GTX 560 Ti‎ Upgrade

400px Nvidia logo.svg GeForce GTX 560 Ti‎ Upgrade

Rumor has it that Nvidia will be dropping a new version of the GTX 560 Ti on us soon. The new cards are said to be based on the GF110 chip instead of the GF114.

“The new 560 Ti will essentially be a 570 with 14 (and one disabled) streaming multiprocessor with a total of 448 cores, up from the current 384. The clock speed is expected to be below that of the 570. Expect to see the 320-bit memory interface with 56 TMUs and 40 ROPs.”

Power consumption is expected to rise as well.

[Tom's Hardware]

May 9, 2011

Nvidia Takes Step Toward Cellphone Market

400px Nvidia logo.svg Nvidia Takes Step Toward Cellphone Market

Today Nvidia announced their purchase of a company that produces wireless baseband processors with RF components. For a cool $367 million, Icera will soon be owned by Nvidia. This is one more step Nvidia is taking to prepare it’s self to compete with the big boys in the wireless handset industry. Watch out Apple!

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[Tom's Hardware]